Abdullah's Heisman campaign gets charge

One of the joys of being a football writer is the unexpected things that arrive in the mail during the fall. Today, the mailman brought a special goodie from Nebraska:

That's right, the Huskers are promoting senior running back Ameer Abdullah by sending out AA batteries (labeled AA8, for Abdullah's initials and uniform number) to media members. As it says on the back of the package, "Like the batteries that power our many devices, Abdullah's reliable productivity often goes underappreciated." The box also contains a warning label with the following cautions:

"1) Performances can cause shock to opposing defenders. 2) Abdullah has been known to spark his team to victory. 3) Prolonged exposure could cause an explosion on the national scene. 4) Continued use will likely result in touchdowns."

The battery stunt is part of Nebraska's #FearAmeer campaign, which also includes this well-designed website in his honor.

It's a really clever promotion, and one that's well-timed after Abdullah's heroics to win the McNeese State game in Week 2. Unlike several promotional giveaways, the batteries are something that most recipients will actually keep around and use. I didn't need to be reminded of Abdullah's greatness. But I can always use some more AA batteries.