Watch: Maryland captains refuse to shake hands with Penn State during coin toss

It's hard to call Maryland-Penn State a "rivalry." The schools aren't that far apart, and each recruits in the other's state quite heavily, but Saturday's game at Beaver Stadium is their first meeting in 21 years, and the Nittany Lions lead the series 35-1-1.

But boy oh boy, the Terrapins -- in their first season in the Big Ten -- sure are intent on making this a rivalry, thank you very much.

After a little pregame skirmish on the field, the three Maryland captains came to midfield for the coin toss and refused to shake the hands of their PSU counterparts. The refusal to go along with the customary show of sportsmanship got the Terps an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to begin the game.

Might that be the beginning of a real rivalry between these two?