What did Hoke, Pelini and Muschamp earn per win?

The season of high-end buyouts has kicked into gear as Will Muschamp, Bo Pelini and now Brady Hoke have been fired.

Hoke's dismissal on Tuesday includes a $3 million buyout. Pelini walked away with $7.65 million, and Muschamp will be paid $6.3 million.

Here's a fuller picture of each coach's total compensation during his tenure:

In Hoke's four seasons at Michigan, the school invested $17.34 million in him.

Salary: $8.6 million

Total deferred compensation paid: $3 million

Buyout: $3 million (would have been reduced to $2 million if he had been fired after Jan. 1)

Stay bonus (awarded after first 3 years): $1.5 million

Bowl bonuses: $240,000

Hoke was paid $1.05 million in deferred compensation for his first three years, but due to being fired without cause, he will get additional deferred compensation from this season, 2015 and 2016 worth $1.95 million. Michigan also paid a $1 million buyout to San Diego State to hire Hoke in 2011.

So that leaves Michigan with a current total cost of $559,354 for each of his 31 wins. The average could decrease, however, if Hoke takes a job during the 25-month buyout period.

Pelini was more successful than Hoke and had a lower salary than Hoke for some seasons. Nebraska's total investment over seven years was $25.85 million.

Salary: $16.75 million

Bonuses: $1.45 million

Buyout: $7.65 million

Pelini's compensation for each of his 66 wins was $391.667.

The positive for Nebraska is that the buyout, which is paid out over 51 months, will also be reduced if Pelini finds a job, in accordance with his new salary.

The most costly coach is Florida's Will Muschamp, because his contract does not allow Florida to pay less if he finds another job. Counting the $6.3 million nonrefundable bonus, Florida's total investment in Muschamp comes out to $19.3 million.

Salary: $11.36 million

Bonuses: $1.64 million

Buyout: $6.3 million

For his 28 wins, that comes out to a cost of $689,286 per victory.