Ohio State fan with muscular dystrophy hoists Buckeyes' title trophy on the field

It's easy to get caught up in all that ails college sports. There's plenty of things to get down about -- this we know.

But we also know the positive impact it has on people as well. We know it can pull our heart strings just as much as it disheartens us.

Which brings us to the story of 15-year-old Jacob Jarvis, a rabid Buckeyes fan from Ohio who just so happens to have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a genetic disorder that results in muscle degeneration and unfortunately has no cure as of now. The average life expectancy is around 25 years old.

So every good moment is special for the Jarvis family. But some -- well, some are more special than others. They are the genuine moments that move even those of us who have never met Jacob.

One of those occurred Monday night, as the group that has adopted Jacob as one of their own since the summer of 2013 -- coach Urban Meyer calls him a "legit member of the team" -- won the national championship with their teenage fan right by their side in Texas, soaking it all in on the confetti-filled field and in the raucous locker room.

For more on Jacob's story, here's Tom Rinaldi's moving feature on his life and his adoption by the Buckeyes. Trust us, it is a must-watch and well worth your five minutes.