Jim Harbaugh a happy man after Twitter shoutout from Judge Judy

Jim Harbaugh's much-ballyhooed return to Twitter since becoming Michigan's coach has not disappointed. Of all the quirky and enthusiastic tweets so far, though, his most recent two might be our favorites.

It started Tuesday, when Harbaugh gave public congrats to a woman he has admired for years.

That's right -- Judge Judy, the TV judge who has built a financial empire (she reportedly makes about $47 million a year) since her reality courtroom show began in 1996. Judith Sheindlin has many fans, but perhaps none bigger than Harbaugh, who waxed poetic about the judge during the 2013 NFL combine.

"Trust is big to me. I'm a big fan of the Judge Judy show. When you lie in Judge Judy's courtroom, it's over. Your credibility is completely lost and you stand no chance of winning that case. I learned that from her. It's very powerful. And true. If somebody lies to you, how can you trust anything they say after that?"

He said this with a straight face and was absolutely sincere. How do we know this? He went to see it for himself, attending, along with his father, one of Judge Judy's tapings in summer 2013.

So you can imagine how thrilled Harbaugh was when he heard back from Judge Judy this week. How thrilled? We'll let him tell you.