Jim Harbaugh replicates prom proposal for recruit

When 2016 offensive lineman Boss Tagaloa opened up his direct messages on Thursday, he had no idea that Jim Harbaugh would be grinning at him from ear to ear replicating one of Tagaloa’s own pictures.

Four days prior Tagaloa had asked a friend to his prom and tweeted out a picture of the poster he used to ask his date. Harbaugh then replicated the poster with a recruiting twist and sent it to the ESPN Junior 300 lineman in a direct message.

Tagaloa said he had never seen anything like this and believed it to be a first from any coach. He was both surprised and shocked by the picture he received.

While Harbaugh and Michigan aren’t the first to send personalized Twitter messages to prospects, you would be hard-pressed to find one so unique and specific to one recruit.

While graphic design teams and marketing specialists are the new rage, for the cost of a few markers and a piece of paper, Michigan was able to send out a recruiting message to a top target that instantly went viral.