Nebraska wins best Big Ten game setting tournament

The Big Ten blog's tournament has reached it conclusion, and for the second year in a row the No. 4 seed pulled off an upset to win the crown.

Nebraska outpaced Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin in Tuesday’s voting to take the title of the conference’s best game-day setting. Friday at Misty’s, the Tunnel Walk and the red balloon touchdown celebration have officially been accepted as a must-see bucket list item for Big Ten fans only a few years after Nebraska’s move to its new league.

The Cornhuskers received 44 percent of the 9,527 votes in our Royal Rumble-style finale with the top four seeds Tuesday. Nebraska’s post as the Western-most Big Ten team might have given them an advantage in the voting. Big Red dominated the votes at all points West of Lincoln. The former Big 12 school won the southern states by a comfortable margin as well.

No. 1 seed Ohio State finished with 17 percent of the vote, proving that a good result on the field isn’t the only thing fans care about when choosing where to spend their Saturdays. Either that or visiting fans have little interest in traveling to Columbus to see the Buckeyes beat up on their favorite team. Only Ohio and Kentucky had a majority pull for Ohio State.

Penn State, the No. 2 seed in our bracket, controlled most of the Northeast corridor of the country. No. 3 Wisconsin finished in last place with only 4 percent of the overall vote.

Thanks to all who participated in our three rounds of voting during March and hopefully we’ll see you all in Lincoln at some point next fall.