Jim Harbaugh answers Michigan's Ultimate Frisbee team's plea

Michigan's Ultimate Frisbee team asked for -- and surprisingly got -- a visit from football coach Jim Harbaugh during its practice as it prepared for regional competition. Courtesy of Quinn Myers

Michigan wrapped up spring drills April 4, earlier than any other Big Ten team. New coach Jim Harbaugh now has time to attend "Judge Judy" tapings, relax in a Cracker Barrel rocking chair or aid troubled motorists in Motown.

Or attend Ultimate Frisbee practices.

Michigan's Ultimate Frisbee team on Tuesday made a plea to have Harbaugh attend one of its practices, using The Black Sheep, a humor website for Michigan students. The plea, headlined "Ultimate Fris-Baugh," included a compelling pitch complete with pictures and video of why Harbaugh should show up.

The team, MagnUM, billed itself as "a tribe of unrelenting savages, united by love, attacking greatness with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind." It outlined its accomplishments, including seven regional championships and a fifth-place finish in the national tournament. The plea mentioned the team motto -- "Leave no disc unwanted" -- and that its top defensive scheme is named after Harbaugh.

With regional championships just two weeks away, the team implored Harbaugh to stop by, if he could.

As the team prepared for its workout at Elbel Field on campus Wednesday night, a surprise visitor appeared on the sideline.

"We were just warming up and he just kind of showed up," team captain Eli Leonard told ESPN.com. "He was just there alone. It was pretty eerie at the beginning.

"We started to get a little energized and nervous, too."

Leonard eventually approached Harbaugh and asked if he wanted to meet the team, which he did. Harbaugh ended up staying for almost the entire two-hour practice, poking his head into huddles. Afterward, he took pictures with the team, and they sang "The Victors" together.

"He was really personable," said Leonard, a senior from Minneapolis. "He said he was admiring what we were doing. He was like, 'Yeah, I wouldn't want to play you guys.'"

Harbaugh even offered up Michigan's cavernous indoor practice facility, the Al Glick Field House, and the team's weight room to help the Ultimate team prepare for regionals. He didn't know much about the sport, so Leonard and his teammates provided a crash course.

Harbaugh even threw the disc a bit with MagnUM's coach.

"I would call [his motion] a work in progress," Leonard said. "He was definitely going with [the football-throwing] motion at the beginning and we had to tone that down a little bit."

Leonard didn't necessarily expect Harbaugh to show up, but he knew there was a chance after the plea spread on social media (#UltimateFrisbaugh).

Will Harbaugh's presence provide the boost the team needs for regionals?

"We could have had a more productive practice," Leonard admitted. "But it allowed us to play under a situation where maybe we were a bit nervous.

"That will help us."

We really shouldn't be surprised about anything Harbaugh does at this point. And if you really think about it, a sport called Ultimate seems right up his alley.