Big Ten currently 1-2-3 nationally in spring attendance numbers

Sure, Ohio State set a record Saturday with a crowd of nearly 100,000 fans for its spring game, but give the rest of the Big Ten some credit, too.

The conference is 1-2-3 nationally right now in spring game attendance, and it has a good shot of ending that way when all those scrimmages wind down. The only real question is whether Tennessee can beat out the Nittany Lions' numbers this weekend.

Here's the current top 10 from SB Nation:

1. Ohio State 99,391

2. Nebraska 76,881

3. Penn State 68,000

4. Alabama 65,175

5. Auburn 62,143

6. Michigan 60,000

7. Georgia 46,815

8. Oklahoma 42,807

9. Clemson 37,000

10. Missouri 30,117

Of the five B1G teams that have released spring attendance figures, four increased compared to last season. Only Penn State saw a slight decrease -- from 72,000 to 68,000 -- but it also boasted the novelty of a new head coach last season.

Minnesota more than doubled its spring attendance compared to last season, from 5,000 to 10,100. The Buckeyes increased their crowd by 38,333, and the Huskers increased their numbers by 15,109. But the big winner so far? Michigan. On a cold and windy day last April, the Wolverines had just 15,000 fans, which means the number quadrupled this season. The nice weather and the Jim Harbaugh hire likely had something to do with that, so it wasn't a huge surprise -- but that's still quite a jump.

Overall, it's been a memorable spring for the conference. Fans in Lincoln and Ann Arbor are excited about their new coaches. Buckeyes supporters are still pumped about their national title, and Minnesota and Penn State alumni have higher expectations. That was all reflected in the spring's attendance numbers.