Summer checklist: Ohio State Buckeyes

The dreaded middle of summer has arrived, which means spring practice is nearly three months in the rear view, but the start of preseason camps nationally remains nearly a month away. This week, as we look forward to August, it’s time to identify two key ways for each Big Ten team to maximize the final weeks of this offseason.

Next up: Ohio State

Figure out what to do with those quarterbacks: Urban Meyer doesn't have an easy decision ahead of him, but it sure is an enviable one. He has three solid choices under center -- all of whom are Heisman favorites and on the Maxwell watch list -- and all three are just about at 100 percent, health-wise. And, if he gets at least a little closer this summer in deciding what to do here, it would certainly be a step in the right direction. Does he rotate players, like he did with Tim Tebow and Chris Leak at Florida? Does he choose one player and stick with him and, if so, then who does he go with? He was asked last week who the starter was, but his response didn't shed much light on the issue: "So, how's the weather?" ... Meyer said back in March that the competition is "starting to eat away" at him, so here's hoping that isn't an issue up until kickoff.

Stay healthy: As the defending national champs, there aren't a whole lot of question marks on this team. Actually, if you take a look at our "Best B1G player" debates, an Ohio State athlete makes an appearance in just about every argument. So there aren't any real weaknesses to shore up here; the key is just staying healthy. Basically, no news is good news . There were no fireworks issues with the Buckeyes -- unlike over at the NFL. No off-the-field issues. No new health issues. As long as it stays that way, Ohio State will stay on track.