The story behind the 19-mile Script Ohio walk

It started as a simple idea: Use the momentum from a company fitness challenge to stay in shape and have a little fun.

But for the four Buckeyes fans in Columbus who walked a 19-mile Script Ohio this week, what started as a clever exercise is on the verge of blooming into something much bigger.

"It really blew up, especially today," Brian Orwick said.

Orwick and his co-workers -- Brett Stone, Tim Stevens and Daryl Neville -- recently won a four-person team fitness challenge sponsored by Art.com, where all four serve as managers. The competition included 15- and 26-mile walks. Afterward, they came up with the idea to walk the Script Ohio -- the long-standing formation used by the university's marching band.

Stevens took the lead on mapping out the route.

"The biggest challenge was dotting the 'i' on Ohio Stadium," Stevens said. "That took some flexibility with the roads."

After a week of tinkering with the proper path, the route was set and overlaid on Google Maps. Then came the hard part: the walking.

Striking out at 6:30 a.m., it took the group about six and a half hours, plus a few well-placed bar breaks. On Monday, Orwick posted a screenshot of the finished walk to reddit, and the photo has gone viral, with the story being picked up by news outlets across the country.

Given the popularity of Orwick's post, the group is considering hosting another walk -- maybe even a charity fundraiser. The Script Ohio walk could even become a fitness rite of passage for Buckeyes fans -- although, as Dispatch.com reported, to properly draw the "i," the group had to walk through the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital, a building not likely to want to host roving packs of Buckeyes fans.

While only one of the guys is an alumnus of Ohio State -- Neville graduated in 1997 -- all four are Buckeyes fans, and they host raffles for OSU gear at work on autumn Fridays.

None of them are too worried about the Buckeyes' chances this year either.

"We all think J.T. [Barrett] will start," Orwick said. "It's nice to know who's behind him [on the depth chart] too."

And what about That Team Up North?

"We hope to see a good game against Michigan soon," Neville said diplomatically. "But it won't be in the short term."