Jim Harbaugh wowed by Michael Jordan call

Jim Harbaugh said he was in disbelief and his wife was 'impressed' when Michael Jordan to welcome Michigan to his Nike brand Jumpman. USA TODAY Sports, NBAE via Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh has hung out with pro baseball players, musicians, television celebrities and even Supreme Court justices since returning to Michigan to coach this alma mater, but there are still a few names that can blow his hair back. When Michael Jordan called this summer, the new Wolverines coach couldn’t believe it.

Michigan agreed to a new apparel contract with Nike this July. As a part of that deal, next fall the football team will become the first program to wear uniforms made by Jumpman, the Nike spinoff controlled by Jordan. The former NBA superstar called Harbaugh to welcome him to the family this summer, and Harbaugh recalled that conversation for reporters on Thursday.

Harbaugh: Who is this?

Jordan: Michael Jordan.

Harbaugh: Come onnnn, who is this?

Jordan: This is Michael Jordan.

Harbaugh: The real Michael Jordan?

Harbaugh was a bit starstruck by the rest of the interaction and said his wife, Sarah, was “very, very impressed.”

Michigan has one more year remaining on its contract with adidas before shifting to Nike and Jumpman products. When asked if he thought it would be strange to see a basketball logo on his footballs in future years, Harbaugh said, “It’s going to be awesome.”

Nike’s new deal with Michigan is worth up to $169 million over the course of 15 years, the largest contract of its kind in college sports.