Rutgers interim coach holds unique news conference

Rutgers coach grills the media (1:00)

Rutgers running backs coach Norries Wilson takes a unique approach to answering questions at the presser following his team's 28-3 loss to Penn State on Saturday. (1:00)

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Rutgers interim coach Norries Wilson was in a unique mood following Saturday night's 28-3 loss to Penn State. And his first-ever Rutgers news conference was, well, strange.

"How do they do it here?" he asked after taking a seat in the media room. "Do I pick a person? Do they pull lottery tickets -- or what do they got?"

Wilson was the acting head coach Saturday after Kyle Flood was suspended for three games after improperly contacting a student-athlete's professor. So, with Flood's absence, that meant Wilson was forced to take on Flood's speaking role in the postgame news conference. And it was anything but routine.