Iowa fan answers video with 'Talk to your kids about the SEC myth'

The first College Football Playoff rankings come out tonight, and expect some controversy about Iowa no matter where the Hawkeyes are ranked.

The thought of 8-0 Iowa creeping up toward the playoff field already has some people rattled. Last week, an Alabama fan released a video called "Talk to your kids about undefeated Iowa" that quickly went viral and was played on ESPN's "College GameDay."

Not to be outdone, Iowa fan Scott Siepker made his own video in which he advises people to "Talk to your kids about the SEC myth."

Siepker's video is very well done, especially the part about the "SEC echo chamber" and the actual bowl of sour grapes.

It's all in good fun. And this certainly won't be the last word on Iowa and its playoff chances -- especially if the Hawkeyes are close to the top four tonight.