WATCH: Northwestern QB Clayton Thorson interviews students about ... Clayton Thorson

Northwestern quarterback Clayton Thorson recently took some time to interview unwitting students about ... Northwestern quarterback Clayton Thorson.

All of them knew about the freshman phenom, of course, but few recognized him. That made for an interesting dynamic with Thorson asking questions about himself, and the results were as original as they were funny. Take a look at the video, produced by the daily news magazine North by Northwestern:

Thorson kept a good sense of humor throughout the interviews, even when one student advised him that the quarterback needed to remain more patient in the pocket and trust his receivers. Thorson also just smiled when seven students told him running back Justin Jackson was their favorite player.

"That's what most people have said," Thorson said with a laugh.

Thorson revealed his identity at the end of the video. And that led to some genuine surprise -- "Oh, s***!" one yelled -- and head-shaking afterward.

At any rate, the Northwestern quarterback seemed to have a lot of fun with the idea. Even if he may not be the most recognizable man on campus, he sure seems to be one of the most entertaining.