Iowa Senate introduces bill, asks for apology regarding Stanford band

Remember the halftime performance at the Rose Bowl -- you know, the one where Stanford's marching band made fun of the state of Iowa?

Well, Iowa's state government sure hasn't forgotten.

According to the Des Moines Register, the Iowa Senate introduced a bill Wednesday that seeks to ban Iowa's three state universities from "future collaboration and cooperation" with Stanford until the university apologizes to Iowans. The bill reads that the band's performance "offended Iowa's citizens in general and university (sic) of Iowa fans in particular."

State Sen. Mark Chelgren, a Republican, introduced the piece of legislation.

"I think it's unfortunate because here in Iowa we try to teach sportsmanship," Chelgren told the Des Moines Register. "We try to teach courtesy, and when someone behaves in a way that is contrary to that, we need to point it out."

Apparently, no one's taught Chelgren a sense of humor. The Stanford Marching Band, a student-run organization, is known for poking fun at just about every opponent. It'll drum on sinks and skateboards and, in 2013 against Wisconsin, it played an "Ode to Cheese." Iowa was treated no differently in the middle of its 45-16 loss.

On Jan. 1, during halftime of the Iowa-Stanford matchup, the Cardinal's marching band featured a dancing cow, a theme song from the dating site FarmersOnly.com and some pretty awful music. Boos rained down upon the band during the performance -- but Stanford, including its band director, didn't seem to mind much.

The bill likely won't be approved, so it's basically political grandstanding at this point ... more than a month after everyone's seemingly forgotten about the performance. So, thanks to Chelgren and this silly bill, Iowa will likely be made fun of all over again. Kind of ironic.