Big Ten and the latest APR reports

The NCAA on Wednesday announced its latest multiyear Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores for all sports, and the news for Big Ten teams is favorable.

No Big Ten squad fell below minimum standards and faced scholarship cuts, and several teams showed impressive increases in their four-year APR scores. Teams must score above 925 in their multiyear rates to avoid potential penalties, including scholarship losses.

Here's a look at the numbers:

Northwestern: 986

Ohio State: 975

Penn State: 974

Indiana: 969

Wisconsin: 968

Illinois: 951

Iowa: 945

Michigan State: 941

Michigan: 936

Minnesota: 934

Purdue: 930

The national multiyear APR average for football went up four points to 944.

Here are the 2008-09 APR rates for each Big Ten football team:

Illinois: 977

Indiana: 957

Iowa: 952

Michigan: 897

Michigan State: 946

Minnesota: 968

Northwestern: 1,000 (perfect score)

Ohio State: 991

Penn State: 975

Purdue: 936

Wisconsin: 968

Northwestern finished fourth nationally among FBS teams in APR scores, behind Rutgers, Air Force and Rice.

Here's where some of the Big Ten expansion candidates finished for multiyear scores:

Nebraska: 950

Missouri: 958

Texas: 947

Notre Dame: 978

Rutgers: 992 (No. 1 nationally)

Syracuse: 947

Pittsburgh: 950

Maryland: 929

Georgia Tech: 967