Osborne to attend Big Ten meetings

Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne will attend the Big Ten's preseason meetings Aug. 2-3 in Chicago, school and league officials have confirmed.

Osborne will take part in several important meetings of top Big Ten officials and athletic directors, who are expected to discuss potential divisions, a possible championship game in football and scheduling implications for the 2011 season and beyond. Multiple Big Ten athletic directors have told ESPN.com that the possibility of adding a ninth Big Ten game to the schedule will be discussed in Chicago.

The Big Ten has invited Nebraska officials to attend all business meetings during the school's transition period, but Nebraska doesn't become a full voting member of the league until July 1, 2011. So Osborne won't have a vote on divisions, scheduling or a championship game, but his voice will be heard in those meetings.

Osborne's influence is extensive as a BCS athletic director, a Hall of Fame coach at Nebraska and a former U.S. Congressman. Much like Joe Paterno, you can bet when he talks, people will listen.

Huskers head football coach Bo Pelini won't be attending the Big Ten preseason meetings, a school official said.