Michigan's Tate Forcier talks the talk

During the past nine months, Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier has been one of the most talked-about and least talked-to players in all of college football.

Since Forcier's last media appearance way back in mid-November, questions have swirled around him: Is he in Rich Rodriguez's doghouse? Has he slipped behind Denard Robinson on the depth chart? Why did teammate Troy Woolfolk call him out about his offseason work ethic (or lack thereof)? Is he transferring? Why was he practicing without a winged helmet earlier this month? Will he be on the team when Michigan opens the season Sept. 4 against UConn?

We finally got some answers Sunday, as Forcier addressed a throng of reporters at Michigan's preseason media day. Not surprisingly, Forcier was a popular man, and you can read about him here and here and here and here.

The Wolverines sophomore addressed all the big questions and handled himself very well, expressing a heavy dose of humility.

Here's a sampling of his comments:

  • On last season: "I got a big head. ... The thing I learned after last year was to be humble. It's such a big jump. It would be hard for any freshman to come in here and do that. You're not just at any university. You're at Michigan. It's Michigan. That's why I came here. It's Michigan. It's different. It's the top stage for everything. It was hard for me to handle last year, and I learned from mistakes."

  • On Woolfolk's comments to The Michigan Daily: "I was working out, though maybe not as hard as I should have been doing. I'm happy he did call me out because it's about the team."

  • On regaining his wings in practice last week: "Something my dad always told me, actions speak louder than words. I just stayed quiet … and did all the work, and made sure everyone saw me doing the work. ... Whatever it took. I got them back and I'm happy."

Most importantly, Forcier said of his future, "I'm not going anywhere. I love it here."

Keep in mind no definitive decision has been made on Michigan's starting quarterback spot. Most signs point to Robinson winning the job ahead of Forcier and freshman Devin Gardner, but we'll know more this week.

We'll see how Forcier reacts if he's no longer the starter. You know what they say about actions vs. words.

Still, the sophomore helped himself Sunday with the media. If he stays true to his word, he could be a valuable contributor for the Wolverines this fall.