Rob Bolden's status unclear after injury

Penn State coach Joe Paterno and his son Jay seemed to have different impressions of Rob Bolden after the freshman quarterback suffered a head injury against Minnesota.

Bolden didn't return with what could be a concussion (no official word from Penn State).

Joe Paterno said Bolden had a hard time remembering some things after returning to the sideline. Jay Paterno, the team's quarterbacks coach, felt Bolden responded well to him and has "a good shot" of playing next week against Michigan, although more will be known in the coming days.

"He looks pretty good to me, so we'll see," Jay Paterno told reporters. "Pretty coherent, so it's up to the doctors. ... Mike Robinson one time had me convinced that he was OK, and he wasn't. Daryll Clark at Ohio State had me convinced he's OK, but that doesn't mean anything."

Penn State found enough offense to beat Minnesota, but it certainly could use Bolden back in the fold against a more potent Michigan offense in Happy Valley.