Despite suspension, Kates keeps tweeting

I figured Indiana cornerback Andre Kates would be in trouble for some postings on his Twitter page last week that criticized the Hoosiers' coaching staff.

Kates, a heralded junior college transfer, questioned why he wasn't playing more. In a tweet last Wednesday, he wrote that IU's coaches were "playing with my [expletive] career" and vowed to bust his [expletive] on special teams.

The next day, Kates tweeted: "People Say Dre You Actin Like OchoCinco I Say No Bro Im Getting My Point Across That My Coach Don't Want Me 2 Play!

Then on Friday night, hours before Indiana's home game with Northwestern, Kates tweeted: "I'm Suspended For The Game 2morrow For My Tweets, and Facebook Being Media Attention, and Also A Distraction Toward Him!"

Kates didn't specify who "Him" is, although it's believed to be Hoosiers head coach Bill Lynch.

After all this, I was a little surprised to see Kates tweeting up a storm throughout Indiana's 20-17 loss to Northwestern. The tweets were almost all positive, as Kates sent encouraging messages to his teammates, but it seemed odd that he didn't stop.

Not surprisingly, Indiana on Sunday indefinitely suspended Kates for his remarks. A lot of coaches have cracked down on players' use of social media lately, and they're not taking criticism like Lynch.

I expected Kates to be a major factor for Indiana's secondary this year.

Judging by these tweets, so did he.