Nebraska fans: This is your blog!

You have waited patiently -- some more than others -- but it's now official.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are part of the Big Ten blog!

Although Nebraska doesn't become a full Big Ten member until July 1, the Huskers football team has severed ties with the Big 12 and can focus solely on its transition to a new league. We at ESPN.com are doing the same, as colleague David Ubben hands off the Huskers -- more appropriately, he pitches them to me out of the option -- and Nebraska becomes a permanent fixture in Big Ten country.

It will take time for some folks to get used to having Nebraska in the league and on the blog, but I'm VERY excited to welcome Big Red. Nebraska brings tremendous football tradition to a conference that actually values tradition, and the Huskers seem to be on their way back to powerhouse status under coach Bo Pelini. Despite its Big 8/Big 12 roots, Nebraska should be an excellent fit for the Big Ten.

I've heard from many Nebraska fans since June 11 and look forward to interacting with you more often in this forum. The passion you have for your team is obvious, and you'll definitely add to our mostly productive dialogue about all things Big Ten.

A few things Nebraska fans should know off the top:

  • I'm not a Nebraska fan or a Husker hater. I've been called a homer and a hater for every Big Ten team, and while I'm sure these labels will continue to be used, they're absolute rubbish. My job is to cover the conference and opine on the teams, the players and the coaches. I'll tell you what happens around the Big Ten, but more important, I'll attempt to tell you what it all means.

  • I will offer strong opinions, some of which you will like and some of which you won't. Even three years into the blog network, some still think my colleagues and I aren't supposed to have opinions. They think it's our job to "promote" the leagues and the teams. They're wrong. While I'll post news and aggregate content from around the Web, I'm paid to have an informed view on all the key happenings in the Big Ten.

  • When you disagree with me, let me know. Same goes for when I make mistakes, which amazingly will happen from time to time when you're covering 11 12 teams. This is the perfect place for constructive debate, so if you keep it civil -- again, easier from some than others -- we can have a lot of fun exchanges.

  • Bear with me as I familiarize myself with Nebraska. Although I paid extra attention to the Huskers last season, thanks in large part to my pal Ubben, I had 11 other squads to cover. I'm very excited to learn more Huskers players and coaches, and especially excited to make my first trip to Lincoln in the near future!

OK, enough rambling for now. Here's how to reach me (mailblogs typically are posted Tuesday and Friday).

Now introduce yourselves in the comments section below. Play nice.