Purdue revives old mascot after outcry

New Purdue Pete, we hardly knew ye.

Boilermakers fans have spoken, and the old Purdue Pete is coming back.

The school announced Wednesday that it will retire the new Purdue Pete and bring back the previous model. Purdue officially unveiled the new Pete at Saturday's Black and Gold Game, and he was greeted with criticism from most folks. His overall getup, without a jersey, has been a major turnoff.

"The fans have spoken, and we are listening," athletic director Morgan Burke said in a prepared statement. "They like the Purdue Pete they've known for the last 30 years, and that's the one we're going with. Fan passion trumps prototype. That level of passion is synonymous with athletic success, and we're all for that. Fans can see the unretired Purdue Pete in Ross-Ade Stadium Sept. 3."

Purdue decided to give Pete a makeover for several reasons, including the belief that he was scaring younger fans. Also, the departure of the professor who designed Pete's fiberglass head played into the decision.

This has to be a bit embarrassing for the school, but at least they haven't buried their heads in the sand. Well, they might have buried new Pete's head. Sorry, bad joke.

Thoughts on Purdue's mascot revival?