Big Ten statement on Nebraska/AAU

Looking at my inbox, some of you might have missed this from Friday, but I did get a comment from the Big Ten on Nebraska losing its membership to the AAU.

Here's a statement from Big Ten associate commissioner Jennifer Heppel:

"Nebraska is a substantial academic institution. It was when its application to join the Big Ten Conference was unanimously approved by the Big Ten Council of Presidents/Chancellors and it is today. The Big Ten Conference does not have control over other organizations' actions. We're excited for July 1st."

No surprise here as the Big Ten continues to support Nebraska, which officially enters the league July 1. Nebraska will be the only non-AAU member in the Big Ten.

Nebraska's predicament with the AAU -- chancellor Harvey Perlman told the Lincoln Journal Star that the school had been at risk of losing its membership for 10 years -- had to be on the Big Ten's radar, which suggests that other factors, like the school's nationally known football program, contributed to the move to the league.

It will be interesting to hear what commissioner Jim Delany and others around the league have to say about Nebraska losing AAU status. I'll post reaction as soon as I get it, so stay tuned.