Meyer claims he didn't intend to criticize Zook

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

Florida head coach Urban Meyer issued the following statement Saturday morning, saying his previous comments about the team's locker room setup were not meant to attack his Gators predecessor, Ron Zook.

"I was asked about fights in locker rooms," Meyer said. "I made a comment about the previous locker room arrangement and how that can lead to issues such as separating freshmen. There was no intent to criticize the previous staff or coach Zook. Obviously the locker room arrangement was that way for a while."

Meyer never mentioned Zook or any of Florida's former assistants by name in his unprovoked rant Friday, and the mistreatment he referred to took place between players, not coaches. But this statement is laughable. In his comments Friday, Meyer made multiple references to the team's poor performance on the field.

"You don't win many games, but you beat up freshmen and shave eyebrows."

"Let's get our brains kicked in against our rival, but let's go beat up a freshman."

Last time Florida didn't win a ton of games or beat its rivals was during Zook's tenure, when the Gators never won more than eight games. Meyer also said he and his staff had to "break that great culture we had here." If that's not an indictment of the previous staff, tell me what is.

Meyer is a great coach with a tremendous program, but he should stick to running up the score and furthering the legend of Tim Tebow. Backtracking isn't his strong suit.