Brandon says Big House could get bigger

Michigan already has the nation's largest stadium, but its athletic director sees the Big House possibly getting bigger.

Dave Brandon told WTKA-AM on Thursday that the athletic department is considering a facilities master plan that could include expanding Michigan Stadium and increasing its capacity to around 120,000.

That's big.

Brandon said the school only would do an expansion if it could fill the seats immediately from its waiting list for tickets. The current capacity is 109,901.

"One of the things that I've said publicly I'd love to do, at some point, is close in at least one of the ends, and that's all part of the master plan for growth," Brandon said. "The south end of the stadium would be the place that we would start, and if we were to take the bleacher system up to the top of the scoreboards, which would be even with the elevation of the East and the West towers, create a concourse that would afford fans the ability to get from one side to the other, both indoors and outdoors, both in the concourse and additional bleacher capacity.

"It would take the total capacity up close to 119,000, maybe even 120,000. I would love to do that, at some point under my watch. That would be great fun, but we have a lot of work to do to get there, and we'll have to be sure we’ve got the kind of fan support we have to make it happen."

It's an interesting idea, but can a stadium ever get too big? The Big Ten is the home of the mega stadium, and schools like Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State have to ask themselves this question in the coming years.

If Michigan's potential expansion doesn't take away from the fan experience, I'm all for it. The school's latest stadium expansion has been a major success, improving the noise and the atmosphere at Wolverines home games.

It's interesting that Brandon and Michigan would consider another expansion so fast, but college football is all about facilities and the next best -- and bigger -- thing.