JoePa uses Skype to contact top recruit

It seems like there's a new "old" joke every day about Joe Paterno (or is it an old "old" joke?).

The octogenarian probably doesn't help his image with comments like calling Twitter "tweedle-doo" and "tweedle-dee" two years ago at Big Ten media days.

But Paterno hasn't fallen behind the times. A coach can't do this job for as long as he has without keeping up with the latest trends.

OK, now brace yourselves: JoePa is on Skype.

Rivals.com reports that Paterno used Skype to contact Penn State recruiting target Noah Spence earlier this week. Spence, a standout defensive end on the ESPNU 150 Watch List, spoke to Paterno and Nittany Lions defensive line coach Larry Johnson through the Web networking program.

"It was [Paterno] and Coach Johnson in his office, right next to each other," Spence told Rivals.com. "We were in my computer lab -- me, my dad and coach. It was real fun. It was entertaining, I didn't know JoePa was that funny. He's a real cool guy though. He talked about him being around and everything, which was great, that was our main concern with the program. He talked about me playing early and everything like that. It was nice."

Spence and his family also have used Skype to talk with Alabama coach Nick Saban and Florida coach Will Muschamp. But the conversation with Paterno stood out, especially since the Penn State legend said it was his first time using Skype.

Penn State undoubtedly would like Paterno to spend more time actually visiting recruits at their homes. But if he's not making trips, this might be the next best thing.