Name game: Big Ten student sections

Purdue announced earlier this week that its students have voted and selected a new official name for their section at home football games.

The Ross-Ade Brigade.

Not a bad choice at all. While it's not quite as catchy as "The Paint Crew," Purdue's student section at men's basketball game, the new name has a nice ring to it.

Football student sections, while larger, aren't quite as famous as their basketball counterparts. College basketball creates a more intimate environment between players and fans, allowing student sections to be more effective. It's always fun seeing what groups like the Izzone, the Orange Krush and the Grateful Red are doing during games.

Purdue is the seventh Big Ten school to select an official name for its football student section.

The others are:

Some other student sections have had names come and go. Michigan State had the Corner Blitz from 2002-06 but no longer has an official name for its student section.

We took a look at the current student section names and, thanks to some help from you folks on Twitter, took a stab at naming the others.


Name: Block I

Verdict: Like it. It's simple and straightforward, refers to the team logo and applies to the shape of the section.

Other possibilities

  • Zook's Nook: Coach Ron Zook might need a few more winning seasons for the name to stick.


Name: The Quarry

Verdict: A little vague to outsiders, but it's different and resonates with Indiana fans, which is all that matters.

Other possibilities

  • Hoosier Haven/Hoosier Hysteria: No explanation needed.


Name: Hawks Nest

Verdict: Love it. It touches on the team nickname and qualifies as an actual location for students to gather.

Other possibilities

  • Eyewitnesses: Might be a little vague for some, but these are the Hawkeyes.


Name: None


  • House Party: Homage to the Big House, as well as Kid 'n Play.

  • Brady Bunch: Might want to see how new coach Brady Hoke fares first, but it could work.


Name: None


  • Sparty's Party: While Michigan State fans hate to be referred to simply as Sparty, this would honor the team's recognizable mascot, and it rhymes.

  • Green-Light District: Where anything goes.


Name: None


  • The Gold Mine: These are the Golden Gophers, after all, and it forms a nice connection with the basketball student section, the "Barnyard." While the Purdue women's basketball student section has the same name, this still could work.

  • Bank Yellers: TCF Bank Stadium is still relatively new, and this name would acknowledge the stadium and what student sections do best.

  • Kill Zone: An early shoutout to new coach Jerry Kill.


Name: none


  • Red Square: It acknowledges the school color and possibly the shape of the section.

  • Children of the Corn: You know we had to have a corn reference at some point.

  • Bo's Band: A shoutout to ultra popular coach Bo Pelini.


Name: Wildside

Verdict: It works best for basketball, as the section is on one end of Welsh-Ryan Arena, behind one of the baskets. It acknowledges both the team nickname and a location in the arena/stadium, so not bad overall.

Other possibilities

  • Fitz's Fanatics: A shoutout to beloved coach Pat Fitzgerald, who likely will be sticking around Northwestern for a while.

  • Cats' cradle: It has been the subject of famous books and songs, and it works for Northwestern's nickname.


Name: Block "O"

Verdict: Solid. It hits on the team logo, the shape the section can form and also could refer to a block of people.

Other possibilities

  • O-Zone: Pretty similar to the current name, but it has a good ring to it.

  • Nut House: It's the name of the Ohio State basketball student section, and it certainly could apply for football, too.


Name: S-Zone

Verdict: Lukewarm. Don't get us wrong, the "S" looks incredibly cool at games or on TV, but arguably the nation's best student section deserves a catchier name -- for the whole section.

Other possibilities

  • White Noise: Penn State is nationally known for its Whiteout and White House displays at games, so why not have the student section reflect the same theme?

  • The Den: Simple and straightforward, refers to the team nickname and is an actual place.

  • Paternoville: It works for the tent community outside Beaver Stadium, so why not the student section?


Name: Ross-Ade Brigade

Verdict: See above

Other possibilities

  • The Mustache Gang: Paying tribute to Purdue's 'stache tradition, displayed proudly by coach Danny Hope and his predecessor Joe Tiller.

  • Boilerplate: Refers to the team nickname and turning up the heat on the opposing team.


Name: None


  • Grateful Red: An excellent name for the basketball section could be applied to football, too.

  • Mad Men (and Women): A shoutout to Madison, the hit TV show and the mental state of Wisconsin students on gameday.

Thoughts? We know you have them. Send them to us here and here.