Coach Paterno Day could be coming to PA

If you're in the state of Pennsylvania on Sept. 3 and you see droves of citizens wearing high water slacks, coke-bottle glasses and black Nikes ... don't be alarmed.

Those folks simply will be celebrating Coach Paterno Day.

As the blog Onward State reports, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has a resolution on the table to designate Sept. 3 as "Coach Paterno Day" in honor of Penn State coach Joe Paterno. The resolution, introduced by Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, is being held up as legislators hope to find a day when Paterno can join them in Harrisburg.

Here's the full text of the House Resolution 289, introduced May 11 and complete with all the requisite whereases.

Encouraging The Pennsylvania State University to appropriately recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of football coach Joseph Vincent “Joe” Paterno, affectionately known by fans as “Joe Pa,” for his 62 years of service to The Pennsylvania State University students and athletes and to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and recognizing September 3, 2011, as “Coach Paterno Day” in Pennsylvania.

Paterno will begin his 46th season as Penn State's coach Sept. 3 when the Nittany Lions host Indiana State at Beaver Stadium. His contract expires after the season and Paterno turns 85 on Dec. 21, so the questions about retirement will be asked (and likely swatted away by JoePa).

While Paterno still coach several more years if his health holds up, efforts like this to honor him and his career make sense.

Here's hoping Coach Paterno Day comes to fruition. Bennett and I might dress up for the occasion.

If anything, it will be fun to see how creative Penn State fans will be in celebrating the day.

Any good ideas out there?