Cornhuskers make simulated Rose Bowl

EA Sports simulated the entire 2011 season using NCAA Football 2012 and then simulated the BCS games. Nebraska fans might hope reality matches up -- at least for the regular season.

In the video game simulation (which you can see clips of here), the Cornhuskers represent the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl in their first year in the league. Nebraska plays Oregon in virtual Pasadena, but that's where things start to go south.

The simulation has the Ducks leading 30-14 at halftime. Nebraska closes within 30-23, but Oregon scores the final 12 points for a 42-23 win. I don't think the Blackshirts would believe they could give up 42 points to anybody.

Even a loss like that would hardly dampen the season if the Cornhuskers can in fact make the Rose Bowl this year. It's just a video-game simulation, but at this time of year we're all hungry for anything that even looks like football.