Buckeyes deal with another Pryor issue

Terrelle Pryor is like the opposite of the gift that keeps on giving for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

The former quarterback's lawyer told ESPN that Pryor made the NCAA aware of further allegations. Namely, that his mentor Ted Sarniak had given him and his mother cash and helped out on some car payments. Sarniak had been told in 2008 he could no longer provide Pryor with gifts following an NCAA inquiry.

Pryor told the NCAA about this in May, his lawyer said. Ohio State officials say Pryor never informed them or the NCAA of these violations.

Pryor certainly has a motive here: he wants to become eligible for the NFL supplemental draft, and to do so he has to prove that he would have been ineligible to play for Ohio State this year. This latest bit of news could accomplish that if true.

What's scary for the Buckeyes is that, although they appeared before the Committee on Infractions just last Friday in a quick hearing, the NCAA has said it continues to investigate potential extra allegations. The last thing Ohio State needs is Pryor blabbing about some other wrongdoings while the infractions people are already snooping around. And after banning him from the program, the Buckeyes risk having Pryor go rogue on them in order to get his way with the NFL draft.

We'll see if there's anything to this latest news. Pryor at this point doesn't seem like the most credible witness, does he? But as we just saw with the Miami story, sometimes there are damning documents and photos that corroborate any shaky source's story.

Ohio State fans just hope Pryor moves on to the NFL, or wherever he ends up, quickly and that they've heard the last of his name for a while.