Gophers AD: No timetable on Kill's return

Minnesota coach Jerry Kill has dealt with seizures for years, always finding the strength to return to his duties within days.

But the seizure Kill suffered on the sideline late in a Sept. 10 game against New Mexico State has taken a greater toll. The coach checked himself into the Mayo Clinic on Sunday after suffering persistent seizures since the initial one.

Minnesota athletic director Joel Maturi tells the (St. Paul) Pioneer Press' Charley Walters that he isn't sure when Kill will be released from the hospital or whether the 50-year-old will coach the Gophers this week at Michigan.

"The guy's got some health issues that we're going to take care of," Maturi said. "I'm more concerned about Jerry right now than I am any other aspect."

Kill is in stable condition.

Maturi said Kill was upfront about his health history when the Gophers hired him in December.

"He's continued to coach, and he's been pretty successful doing it his way," Maturi said. "For whatever reason, he's had a relapse or whatever it is of these seizures. We can't get it under control, and we need to find a way. I feel badly for everybody involved, but it's like anything else -- it's the hand we're dealt, and we're going to deal with it in the right way. We're blessed to have a staff that's been with Jerry and knows who he is, knows what he wants, and they'll carry it on real well. Hopefully, our kids will respond appropriately."

This is a situation no one likes to see, and Kill certainly is taking the right approach by putting his health first. His staff of longtime assistants has handled these situations before, although they haven't had to operate without Kill for an extended period.

You have to wonder how Kill's situation is affecting the players, as well as Minnesota recruits. Minnesota has 20 players committed for the 2012 class, headlined by ESPNU 150 offensive lineman Isaac Hayes.

Needless to say, it has been a rough few weeks both on and off the field for the Gophers football program. We continue to wish Jerry Kill well in his recovery.