Legends vs. Leaders scorecard

We're continuing to keep track of how the two Big Ten divisions stack up against one another in the first year of the new format. The Legends and Leaders divisions were formed with competitive balance in mind, after all.

Last week, I asked you which division you thought was stronger. So far, the Leaders is living up to its name.

Last week brought us three more cross division games, and the Leaders Division went 2-1 for the second straight week.

Leaders wins: Penn State over Iowa, Purdue over Minnesota

Legends win: Nebraska over Ohio State

If not for the Cornhuskers' second-half comeback, the Leaders would have a dominating 5-1 record against the Legends. But a 4-2 mark isn't too shabby, either.

One thing we must point out is that home field has played a role. All four of the Leaders' wins in cross-division games have come on home turf, while the Legends has the only road win (Michigan State at Ohio State).

Overall, the records are still pretty balanced. Legends teams are 21-12, while the Leaders are a combined 23-11. With Penn State getting back in the coaches' poll, each division has three ranked teams. Each side also has a clear last-place team (Indiana in the Leaders, Minnesota in the Legends) and one disappointing 0-2 outfit (Ohio State and Northwestern, respectively). The Leaders has two undefeated squads (Wisconsin, Illinois), compared to one in the Legends (Michigan).

We'll have to table this discussion for a week, since all five games this Saturday are intra-division affairs.