More NCAA trouble for Ohio State

Ohio State has been slapped with the dreaded "failure to monitor" charge after the NCAA sent out another notice of allegations to the school on Nov. 3. The latest allegations involve now-disassociated booster Robert DiGeronimo, who paid players to attend a charity event and is accused of paying players for work they did not perform at summer jobs.

The Buckeyes have stripped themselves of five total scholarships over the next three years in response and hope that will be enough to satisfy the NCAA. They are scheduled to reappear before the committee on infractions Dec. 10. Remember, they already went before the committee on Aug. 12 for the tattoo scandal that cost Jim Tressel his job, and the NCAA hadn't ruled on that yet. Ohio State has asked for the charges to be reviewed a week earlier by teleconference, which might give the program a ruling before a potential Big Ten title game.

Here is the link to my news story on the situation. I will have reaction later after monitoring some more developments in State College (what a week, huh?)

In the meantime, you can read all the related NCAA documents and Ohio State's response here.