A look at Big Ten head coaches' salaries

USA Today has done yeoman's work in compiling the salaries of every FBS football coach in America.

So, naturally, it's time to take a look at where the Big Ten coaches stand. Here are the salaries for each coach in the league (Joe Paterno is still listed as Penn State's head coach) and the number in parenthesis is where each one ranks nationally (the USA Today chart also has potential bonus money included, but we'll just deal with guaranteed pay here):

1. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa: $3.785 million (5)

2. Brady Hoke, Michigan: $3.254 million (8)

3. Bo Pelini, Nebraska: $2.775 million (13)

4. Bret Bielema, Wisconsin: $2,598,186 (17)

5. Mark Dantonio Michigan State: $1.918 million (34)

6. Ron Zook, Illinois: $1.755 million (39)

7. Jerry Kill, Minnesota: $1.7 million (42)

8. Kevin Wilson, Indiana: $1.26 million (56)

9. Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern: $1,189,961 (58)

10. Luke Fickell, Ohio State: $1.172 million (59)

11. Joe Paterno, Penn State: $1,022,794 (64)

12. Danny Hope, Purdue: $925,000 (65)

Some quick thoughts:

It's no surprise to see Ferentz so high, but Iowa fans use his salary against him whenever the Hawkeyes have an off year like this season. Other than the top four, the Big Ten doesn't always pay its coaches in accordance to the size of the programs and the money the league and schools are raking in, at least compared to other leagues. Of course, it's unusual to have Ohio State's coach rank so low; whoever gets that job next will likely be near the top of the country in salary. Dantonio seems underpaid, though he just signed a contract extension. Don't be surprised to see Hope angle for a raise and an extension if he gets one more win and Purdue makes a bowl game.

What are your thoughts? Who is overpaid or underpaid? And does the Big Ten need to pay more in coaching salaries, or do these guys make enough? Sound off.