Your vote: Most disliked Big Ten coach

Every hero needs a villain. And every fan of a college team needs somebody to root against.

Luckily, the Big Ten isn't too genteel for such things, and some legitimate feuds appear to be developing in the league. New Ohio State coach Urban Meyer ruffled some feathers with his aggressive recruiting tactics this offseason. Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema made some very pointed comments about Meyer, and Bielema has never been shy about talking -- or putting huge point totals on the scoreboard against an opponent.

Michigan State's Mark Dantonio has won a lot lately, but the physical nature of his teams doesn't always sit well with everyone. Dantonio also made some remarks about "unethical" responses by recruits earlier this month. And Michigan's Brady Hoke, though still new to the league, has made no secret of his dislike of the Buckeyes, whom he only calls "Ohio." The fact that Hoke beat Ohio State in his first year -- and his team got into a BCS bowl ahead of Michigan State -- raised the stakes.

All four are great coaches. But if you're fan of an opposing team, you might not be their biggest supporters. What we're interested in finding out today is who is the most disliked coach in the Big Ten. Which guy do you most enjoy rooting against?

Take this in the spirit which it's intended and keep a healthy perspective. This is still just sports and there are no reasons for personal attacks. Still, we're interested in your take, so vote in our poll. We'll discuss the results at a later date.