Big Ten Champions Tournament: Title game

Our Big Ten Champions Tournament, celebrating the league's best teams from the past 15 years, is down to two contenders for the crown. So let's settle this:

No. 1 seed Ohio State 2002 vs. No. 2 seed Nebraska 1997

In one corner we have the 14-0 Buckeyes, the only Big Ten team from the past 15 years to finish as undefeated, undisputed national champions.

In the other corner we have the 13-0 Cornhuskers, who finished No. 1 in the coaches' poll and often embarrassed their opponents (including No. 3 seed Michigan 1997 last week).

Nebraska has a little more star power and a lot more offense than that Ohio State team, which often slipped by people on the way to its title. But those Buckeyes had a great will to win and beat an extremely talented Miami team in the BCS title game.

Could the Buckeyes' defense slow down Nebraska's vaunted running game while getting just enough from Maurice Clarett and Craig Krenzel and their excellent special teams to pull out the victory? Or would the Huskers' record-breaking rushing attack just be too overpowering?

Here's your chance to vote on the outcome. Polling will close on Wednesday. And as always, drop me a line to tell me why you voted the way you did and to break down this matchup. The best comments will appear in the results post.