Cy-Hawk trophy to feature both mascots

The people of Iowa have spoken, and the new design for the Cy-Hawk Trophy is set.

Herky the Hawk and Cy the Cardinal are celebrating.

Fans of Iowa and Iowa State have selected a design that puts both teams' mascots on the rivalry trophy. The design, a rendering of which can be seen here, shows Herky and Cy standing in a cornfield holding a brass football. Below them, the names of both schools are listed along with engraved plates with the scores of each game.

The Iowa Corn Growers Association, which sponsors the game, had a local design firm come up with three concepts for the trophy. A panel narrowed the choices to three, and online voting took place between April 14 and midnight Tuesday. The winning design, called "Mascot Football Concept," received 8,002 votes, winning easily ahead of two designs featuring corn that racked up just 2,280 votes combined.

The reason for the trophy redesign was this monstrosity unveiled last summer, which showed a family huddled around a bushel of corn. The trophy, which had no real link to football, understandably drew criticism both within the state and around the country, leading to the change.

The new trophy will be presented to the winner of the Iowa-Iowa State matchup on Sept. 8 at Kinnick Stadium.

Any design would have been a vast improvement over what Iowa Corn produced last summer. The new trophy actually looks like it should be awarded to the winner of a football game (hence, the football). While I'm not ecstatic about the design, it conveys the necessary messages.

What say you?