B1G to discuss tie-in with Pinstripe Bowl

CHICAGO -- The Big Ten favors having a college football playoff within the existing bowls, which essentially pushes those games to warmer climates in the south and west.

As Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said, "Let's say it is 5 degrees. Is that right for the game?"

Apparently it's OK for lower-tier bowls. League commissioner Jim Delany said Wednesday that the Big Ten will have discussions with the Pinstripe Bowl, played outside in late December at New York's Yankee Stadium, about a potential future tie-in.

The Big Ten's current bowl lineup expires after the 2013 season. The lineup is heavy on Florida and Texas games and features only one contest (Little Caesars Pizza Bowl) in the Big Ten footprint, which is played indoors at Detroit's Ford Field.

The Pinstripe Bowl, which launched in 2010 and pits the Big 12 against the Big East, would put Big Ten teams in a familiar climate in late December.

"New York City is the financial sports capital of the world," Delany said Wednesday. "It's a global city like Chicago. We'll have conversations with them."

Delany on Tuesday hinted the Big Ten will diversify its bowl lineup after 2013, which could mean less games in Florida or Texas. While many Big Ten fans would love to see the Detroit game go, I think it's more beneficial to get out of the Gator Bowl and maybe the TicketCity Bowl. Those bowls don't seem to add much for the Big Ten.

Most Big Ten schools have huge alumni/fan bases in New York, and the Pinstripe Bowl would feel less like a road game than some of the annual contests the Big Ten plays.

"We've been in 11 bowl games in the last 15 years," Purdue athletic director Morgan Burke told ESPN.com, "and every time, I feel it's a road game, except when I go to Detroit."

Adding the Pinstripe Bowl and another game in California against the Pac-12 -- Holiday or Kraft Fight Hunger -- makes a lot of sense. The Rose Bowl can't be the only potential Big Ten/Pac-12 postseason matchup, especially with the impending playoff and the possibility of the traditional Rose pairing not taking place each year.

What are your thoughts?