Big Ten, others spending big on facilities

Touring the Big Ten this spring, I was struck by how many schools were beginning, completing or in the midst of major building projects.

That led to my story today on the continuing building boom in college sports, where the recession has seemingly had no effect on the facilities arm race. Included in that story are several Big Ten examples, and talk about how much the Big Ten Network revenue has helped fuel some of the construction. As Indiana athletic director Fred Glass put it, "the Big Ten Network is the best thing since canned soup."

But the Big Ten is not alone, and I included about 25 examples of prominent programs that currently have multimillion dollar football projects in various stages of construction.

How do schools pay for all these wildly expensive projects? Colleague Kristi Dosh does a good job of explaining that here.

Teams want to be ranked high on lists like these, but it takes a lot of money. How much is enough? I'm interested in your thoughts on this topic.