Big Ten players' poll: Part III

The 2012 Big Ten players' poll marches on, and now it's time to get down and dirty. Dirtiest players, that is.

As a reminder, these interviews took place in recent weeks with 28 Big Ten players representing 11 teams. Big Ten blogger Brian Bennett, WolverineNation's Michael Rothstein, BuckeyeNation's Austin Ward and myself interviewed 2-3 players per team. The players agreed to answer five questions, on the condition of anonymity. While you can guess who said what about whom, we're not revealing any specifics.

After conducting two surveys about Big Ten coaches, we shift the focus to the players.

Here's Question No. 3: Who's the dirtiest player(s) in the Big Ten?


Former Purdue offensive tackle Dennis Kelly -- 2 votes

Michigan State defensive end William Gholston -- 2 votes

Wisconsin linebacker Chris Borland -- 2 votes

Illinois' offensive line -- 1 vote

Former Michigan State defensive tackle Jerel Worthy -- 1 vote

Iowa's offensive line -- 1 vote

Illinois center Graham Pocic -- 1 vote

Indiana center Will Matte -- 1 vote

Anyone on Michigan State's defense -- 1 vote

Anyone on Purdue -- 1 vote

Former Michigan center David Molk -- 1 vote

Nebraska defensive end Eric Martin -- 1 vote

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o -- 1 vote

No one/don't know/declined to answer -- 12 votes

The overall results are a little disappointing because nearly half the group didn't offer a specific answer. While some players were hesitant, despite the anonymity of the poll, some honestly couldn't name a player or players they found to be overtly dirty. Michigan State did pretty well in the coaching poll questions, but the tables turned here as no team received more votes (individually or collectively) than the Spartans. While it's not surprising that linemen on both sides of the ball received votes, given the nature of play at the line of scrimmage, it's notable that Big Ten centers (current and former) racked up votes. It sounds like Big Ten defensive linemen are happy to see Purdue's Kelly gone to the NFL. One player who named Wisconsin's Borland said the Badgers' linebacker is more annoying than dirty. And finally, we know Notre Dame's Te'o doesn't play in the Big Ten, but we listed the answer provided to us.

Coming up Thursday: the toughest Big Ten stadium to compete in as an opposing player.


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