Big Ten Monday chat wrap

Today was your only chance to chat with one of the esteemed Big Ten bloggers this week since Adam is taking a little time off. But luckily, there were lots of good questions to answer.

If you missed it, here's a link to the full transcript. Along with some Grade-A highlights:

Ned (DC): If you are incoming freshman or a 2013 recruit at PSU, do you ask Bill O'Brien to redshirt you to give you 1-2 years of bowl-eligibility?

Brian Bennett: It's a good question, and it will be fascinating to see what O'Brien's redshirt policies will be. But I think it will be extremely difficult to redshirt anyone with only 65 scholarships in the near future. And one of the things Penn State can sell is immediate playing time.

Dan (Indianapolis): Brian, with a combination of defensive talent (Short, Gaston, Allen, Johnson) and returning experience and depth on offense, Purdue seems poised for a breakout season in 2012. Is an 8-4/9-3 season a real possibility in 2012, or am I just drinking the Danny Hope Kool-Aid?

Brian Bennett: I agree that a breakout is very possible. This is the deepest, best team Hope has fielded. I would think 8-4 is a very realistic expectation. But Purdue will have to make Ross-Ade a more intimidating place to play for visits by Wisconsin and Michigan.

Jason (Los Angeles): What are your thoughts on Kain Colter this year? Can he make the improvements necessary to capitalize on Northwestern's top notch receiving core, or would Northwestern be better off turning to Trevor Simeon, who has looked promising in his limited play?

Brian Bennett: Colter is a smart guy and a great athlete. His arm strength should be better the further he gets away from that shoulder injury. He showed me a lot in how he filled in for Persa last year, especially at Nebraska. He should definitely be the QB and I think he'll have a good year, aided by a very good WR corps.

Andrew (Philly): What do you think about Meyer moving Stoneburner to WR? Smart move or necessary due to their lack of proven receivers?

Brian Bennett: I think it says something about how the other tight ends must be playing. Stoneburner is not a dominant run blocker but is a very good receiver, so it makes sense. He'll still be used like a tight end in a lot of ways.

Tom (Waterloo, IA): Who do you give the edge to for OL U in the Big Ten. Wisconsin or Iowa? Wisconsin seems to have had the edge lately, but it seems both schools always turn out high quality OL players. You could also say Iowa does very well on the DL side for players. But speaking on the OL, who do you give the edge to?

Brian Bennett: Interesting question. Both have been fantastic. I think I give the edge to Wisconsin for college production. Just a dominant, dominant run game. But Iowa seems to be better at making pro players. Great topic for debate.