Big Ten bowl projections: Week 2

One week of games is in the books, and we think we have all the answers. Or not.

It's time for bowl projects as we try to look way, way into the future based on limited evidence. These are fun and will change throughout the season, so don't take them too seriously (shameless ploy for less hate mail).

OK, Michigan State is still feeling Rose-y after its win against Boise State. Michigan got completely outclassed by Alabama, and while the Wolverines won't face a team like the Tide the rest of the season, their weaknesses and lack of depth were exposed Saturday night. They fall down the pecking order a bit. Nebraska enters the BCS mix as an at-large, while Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois are Florida-bound. Ohio State and Penn State both are ineligible for the postseason, while both Minnesota and Indiana need to show us more to get in the mix.

Unlike the preseason projections, these ones are a combined effort and will be the rest of the way.

Without further ado ...

Rose Bowl (Jan. 1): Michigan State

Fiesta Bowl (Jan. 3): Nebraska

Capital One Bowl (Jan. 1): Wisconsin

Outback Bowl (Jan. 1): Michigan

Gator Bowl (Jan. 1): Illinois

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl (Dec. 29): Purdue

Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas (Dec. 28): Iowa

TicketCity Bowl (Jan. 1): Northwestern

Little Caesars Pizza Bowl (Dec. 26): Non-Big Ten team