Poll: End of Michigan-Notre Dame series

Less than a week after joining the ACC in all sports but football, Notre Dame pulled the plug on its annual series with Michigan. The two teams will meet in 2013 and 2014, but beyond that, it's anyone's guess as Notre Dame canceled games from 2015-17.

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon made it clear that this was Notre Dame's decision, adding that Michigan now will look for different scheduling opportunities going forward. Reaction to the decision, predictably, has been mixed. Some say good riddance to Notre Dame and are fine with the Irish hanging out with their new ACC buddies than their traditional rivals in the Big Ten. Some are disappointed to see the end of a series that paired college football's two winningest programs. Some question if Notre Dame and Michigan ever were rivals, as both have bigger rivals (USC and Ohio State, respectively), and only have played 40 times.

What's your opinion? Whether or not you're a Michigan fan, today's decision impacts the Big Ten. There's no definitive word yet on how Notre Dame's move to the ACC will impact longer-running annual series with both Michigan State and Purdue.

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