Ohio State offense finally on track

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- So much for slugfests.

It turns out the spread offense is going to work just fine for Ohio State. And if the Buckeyes can find a way to put together a complete game with their high-octane attack, they might really be dangerous.

After all, if the Buckeyes can go an entire quarter without a first down and then race to a 63-38 rout like they did against Nebraska on Saturday night at sold-out Ohio Stadium, there might not be a way to slow down the Urban Meyer Express once it figures out how to get rolling a bit quicker.

"I thought the first quarter was a train wreck for our offense," Meyer said. "I didn't feel [good] in the first 15 minutes of the game. I didn't feel like we were blocking them, they were kind of defeating us at the line of scrimmage, and that changed.

"I don't really know what changed other than our guys were playing really well."

Regardless of how Ohio State threw the switch, there was no stopping once it settled on the right track after a sloppy, sluggish start against the Huskers.

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