Nebraska B1G's lone team in BCS standings

Two Big Ten teams are out and a new one is in the latest BCS standings.

Nebraska, coming off its 23-9 win at home over Michigan, debuts in standings at No. 20. That's actually one spot higher than the Huskers are in the USA Today coaches and Harris (and Associated Press) polls. The difference lies in Nebraska's rather robust showing in the computer ratings, where it is No. 15. Two of the computer ratings used to compile the average have Nebraska No. 14.

Thus ends the good news portion for the Big Ten.

Things looked a little brighter last week, when Michigan and Wisconsin both entered the standings. But both are out this week after losses. Ohio State, of course, is ineligible because of probation. It would be fascinating to see where the 9-0 Buckeyes, who are No. 6 in the AP poll, would fall in the standings if eligible. They'd probably be right outside the Top 5, owing to a weak nonconference schedule. But they'd be in position to make a move if others faltered.

Alas, that's not going to happen, and Nebraska is the only Big Ten team in the standings. Last week, we discussed the remote possibility of an at-large bid if Michigan and Wisconsin were to win out and stage a close Big Ten title game. That's not possible now, and while Nebraska could move into the Top 14 and become eligible for an at-large spot if it wins out, any loss in the title game to what could easily be an unranked Leaders team would almost certainly drop the Huskers out of favor with voters.

So Nebraska needs to focus on winning the league and getting to the Rose Bowl, which has been the agenda all along, anyway.