Georgia Tech denies Big Ten rumors

The Big Ten expansion buzz hasn't died down this week, and much of the attention has been on the ACC.

North Carolina? Virginia? Georgia Tech?

The Georgia Tech rumors flared up Friday on the Twitterverse and elsewhere. The school is denying them, telling the Atlanta Journal Constitution that "there is no truth" to the chatter.

Should the Big Ten expand beyond 14, the East Coast and potentially the southeast make sense because of demographics. Georgia Tech would be a bit of a gamble -- North Carolina, meanwhile, would be an excellent addition -- but it would give the Big Ten a presence in the college football-crazed Atlanta market.

The ACC is trying to strengthen itself as much as possible for future raids and added Louisville to replace Maryland.

There's not much talk about Georgia Tech from the Big Ten end, but as we've found out in recent weeks, that doesn't mean a whole lot.