Another active year for B1G coach changes

When the Big Ten shuffled through an unprecedented 40 coaching changes following the 2011 season, I thought the league would settle into a period of relative stability.

Silly me.

It would take a flurry of surprise moves in the coming days and weeks for the Big Ten to once again have 40 coaching moves -- at both the head coach and the full-time assistant level -- this winter, but the league isn't too far off. If no other moves are made, the Big Ten will feature 32 new coaches for the 2013 season. It has been another very active offseason in the league formerly known as the conference of stability.

The Big Ten had only two head-coaching changes this year -- Purdue and Wisconsin -- one fewer than the previous offseason. But six teams have made multiple coaching moves, and it has been another active year for coordinator changes, as there have been nine this winter, three shy of last year's total.

For the second straight offseason, only four Big Ten teams -- Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern and Ohio State -- have kept their staffs fully intact. And the offseason isn't over, so things could change. Minnesota and Northwestern are the only Big Ten teams without a coaching change in the past two offseasons.

I'll break down all the coaching changes when things are complete, but here's the tally of coaching changes (head coach and assistant) at the moment:

Illinois: 5 (all assistants, two coordinators)

Indiana: 2 (all assistants, one coordinator)

Iowa: 3 (all assistants)

Michigan: 1 (assistant)

Michigan State: 2 (both assistants, one coordinator)

Minnesota: 0

Nebraska: 0

Northwestern: 0

Ohio State: 0

Penn State: 1 (coordinator)

Purdue: 10 (head coach, all nine assistants)

Wisconsin: 8 (head coach, seven assistants)

Frequent coaching changes are the norm in college football these days and stability is in short supply. The Big Ten appeared to be the exception for several years, but now it's just like the other leagues.