Recapping the Big Ten coaching changes

Is it safe? Is Big Ten coach poaching season over? For the sake of this post, let's hope so.

Although this year's Big Ten coaching carousel didn't include as many riders as last year's, which featured an unprecedented 40 changes in the league, there was a flurry of activity at the end. We saw two coaches -- Jim Bollman and Jim Bridge -- make jumps from one Big Ten school to another (in Bridge's case, he left Illinois the day the Illini opened spring ball for Purdue, where he replaced, you guessed it, Bollman as offensive line coach).

Purdue saw a complete staff overhaul in the transition from Danny Hope to Darrell Hazell, while Wisconsin brought in seven new assistants under new boss Gary Andersen. Illinois coach Tim Beckman survived a disastrous first season in Champaign, but he lost six assistants during the winter months, five of whom left voluntarily. Iowa's stretch of staff stability is over, as Kirk Ferentz hired three new assistants for the second straight year, and Michigan State restructured its staff after losing offensive coordinator Dan Roushar to the NFL's New Orleans Saints. Michigan made its first staff change of the Brady Hoke era after losing defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery to Oklahoma.

Despite the movement around much of the Big Ten, the league also had complete staff continuity at four schools: Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern and Ohio State. Nebraska flipped responsibilities for Barney Cotton and John Garrison, making Cotton the tight ends coach and Garrison the sole offensive line coach. Ohio State added special teams coordinator to the title of cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs.

Minnesota and Northwestern are the only FBS teams without a staff change for the past three seasons.

It seems like the carousel has finally stopped, so let's take a look at the staff changes throughout the league. These changes only include head coaches and full-time assistants.

Here's the rundown (number of new coaches in parentheses):


Who's gone?

Chris Beatty, co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks

Billy Gonzales, co-offensive coordinator/wide receivers

Luke Butkus, offensive line

Keith Gilmore, defensive line

Steve Clinkscale, cornerbacks

Who's in?

Bill Cubit, offensive coordinator/quarterbacks

Mike Bellamy, wide receivers

A.J. Ricker, offensive line

Greg Colby, defensive line

Al Seamonson, outside linebackers

Other moves

Hired Ricker after Bridge left for same post at Purdue

Made defensive coordinator Tim Banks secondary coach (had previously coached only safeties)

Split linebacker duties between holdover Mike Ward and new assistant Seamonson

Promoted Bellamy from assistant director of player personnel


Who's gone?

Mike Ekeler, co-defensive coordinator/linebackers

Mark Hagen, defensive tackles/special teams and recruiting coordinator

Who's in?

William Inge, co-defensive coordinator/linebackers

James Patton, special teams and recruiting coordinator/assistant defensive line

IOWA (3)

Who's gone?

Erik Campbell, wide receivers

Lester Erb, running backs/special teams

Darrell Wilson, defensive backs/special teams

Who's in?

Bobby Kennedy, wide receivers

Chris White, running backs/special teams

Jim Reid, assistant linebackers

Other moves

Reid and holdover LeVar Woods will share linebacker duties

D.J. Hernandez, an offensive graduate assistant hired this winter, will work with the tight ends


Who's gone?

Jerry Montgomery, defensive line

Who's in?

Roy Manning, outside linebackers

Other moves

Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison will coach defensive line (head coach Brady Hoke also has responsibilities there)

Manning and Mark Smith will share linebacker duties, as Smith now will handle the inside linebackers


Who's gone?

Dan Roushar, offensive coordinator/tight ends

Ted Gill, defensive line

Who's in?

Jim Bollman, co-offensive coordinator/tight ends

Ron Burton, defensive line

Other moves

Promoted quarterbacks coach Dave Warner to co-offensive coordinator/running backs coach. Warner will call plays this fall

Moved running backs coach Brad Salem to quarterbacks

Promoted defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi to assistant head coach


Who's gone?

Ted Roof, defensive coordinator

Who's in?

Anthony Midget, safeties

Other moves

Promoted secondary coach John Butler to defensive coordinator. Butler will continue to coach cornerbacks

Running backs coach Charles London and linebackers coach Ron Vanderlinden will oversee special teams, an area Butler previously handled


Who's gone?

Danny Hope, head coach

Gary Nord, offensive coordinator/quarterbacks

Tim Tibesar, defensive coordinator/linebackers

Greg Burns, defensive backs

Shawn Clark, offensive line

J.B. Gibboney, special teams coordinator

Patrick Higgins, wide receivers

Cornell Jackson, running backs

Donn Landholm, outside linebackers

Kevin Wolthausen, defensive line

Who's in?

Darrell Hazell, head coach

John Shoop, offensive coordinator/quarterbacks

Greg Hudson, defensive coordinator

Jon Heacock, defensive backs

Jim Bridge, offensive line

Kevin Sherman, wide receivers

Jafar Williams, running backs

Marcus Freeman, linebackers

Rubin Carter, defensive line

Gerad Parker, tight ends/recruiting coordinator

Other moves

Replaced Jim Bollman with Bridge after Bollman left for Michigan State


Who's gone?

Bret Bielema, head coach

Matt Canada, offensive coordinator/quarterbacks

Chris Ash, defensive coordinator/defensive backs

Zach Azzanni, wide receivers

Andy Buh, linebackers

Eddie Faulkner, tight ends

Bart Miller, offensive line

Charlie Partridge, co-defensive coordinator/defensive line

Who's in?

Gary Andersen, head coach

Andy Ludwig, offensive coordinator/quarterbacks

Dave Aranda, defensive coordinator/linebackers

Chris Beatty, wide receivers

Bill Busch, secondary

Jeff Genyk, tight ends/special teams coordinator

Chad Kauha'aha'a, defensive line

T.J. Woods, offensive line

Retained from previous staff

Thomas Hammock, assistant head coach/running backs/recruiting coordinator

Ben Strickland, assistant secondary coach

Other moves

Hired Genyk to replace tight ends/special teams Jay Boulware, who left earlier this month for a post at Oklahoma