Matt Damon's nephew tries out for Huskers

There was a buzz in Lincoln yesterday, as Hollywood star Matt Damon was spotted on Nebraska's campus.

Turns out, football was the reason for Damon's visit. More specifically, his nephew -- Ishmail Jackson -- wants to walk on to the Huskers and went with Damon to check things out.

According to 247sports.com, Jackson has enrolled at the school and will try to make the team as a defensive back. The 6-foot, 180-pounder played for South Broward High School in -- where else -- Hollywood. Oh, wait. That's Hollywood, Fla. He'll try out for Nebraska coaches next month.

Damon is married to Jackson's aunt, Luciana Bozán Barroso. He and Jackson toured Nebraska's campus and came away impressed with the academic support system.

“It was Matt’s first time and he was amazed,” Jackson told 247sports.com. “He said Nebraska had so much to offer. We went through the whole orientation process. He found out a lot of stuff he didn’t know. He was like ‘Man, I love this. It’s great. The setup here is great. They don’t want you to drop off.’ That’s the main thing he liked about it. The college is not going to just let you be out there on your own. There’s help everywhere to get the help you need.”

Jackson said the actor has become a Nebraska fan.

“He racked up so much Husker gear at the bookstore,” Jackson said. “He bought everything.”

God, I don't ask for much, but please let it be thy will that Jackson makes the team and Damon starts attending Nebraska home games. I am thrilled at the prospect of seeing Jason Bourne in one of these cornhead hats and wearing Li'l Red's suspenders.

Can you imagine the fun? We've already got a pun, thanks to @AndersonRants on Twitter: The Corn Identity. You could say that Damon already has a favorite 11-man team. Maybe Ben Affleck can start rooting for Wisconsin and form a rivalry. And we know what Nebraska's celebratory slogan would be after every touchdown: How you like them apples?

We don't like 'em. We love 'em.